Energy Balancing

Would you like to balance and manage your energy so you feel happy, bright, excited and joyful every day?

Energy balancing is general term to describe a variety of practices aimed at balancing the flow of energy in and around the body. Practitioners  generally try to remove blockages, and balance and amplify this energy flow.

The energy balancing work we conduct at Hooked on Healing focuses of identifying unbalanced energy connected to your Chakras.

Chakras are the seven electromagnetic energy centres located along the spine that are associated with the flow of the body’s subtle energy and which influence specific glands and functions within the body.

Our Chakras are our doorway to our intuitive center (our soul, our connection with source) and when these centres are out of balance, we can feel irritable, unhappy, sad, frustrated, bitter or angry. We may even feel depressed, or feel that we are alone on this planet and that no one really hears us or understands us.

At Hooked on Healing you will learn how to harmonise your chakras and energy centres through Meditation and find clarity in your everyday life.


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